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Permanent memories of our loved ones

Our Background

Metal memorials was founded to help families in what is one of the toughest times in their lives. It is common practice here in the southwest to have wooden roadside crosses to mark the location of the last place the person was alive on this Earth. Grant was a young man in his mid 20's. He was lost in a motorcycle accident. Grant's friends wanted to have a memorial to him but they knew that a typical wooden cross would not last long. They looked into other alternatives and when they contacted us we told them we would be happy to assist them. They gave us the design idea and then we worked on putting that design into a piece of steel with the help of a CNC plasma torch. The friends decided on a steel cross in Celtic style with "Grant" cut out of it. We used cold rolled steel and behind where we cut the name out we welded on a piece of polished stainless steel. In time the steel sign will rust but the polished stainless steel behind Grant's name will continue to shine

That is where the story would probably have ended however the tragic loss of another young life brought about another request for a roadside memorial. While we were not looking to start a new business we saw that there was a need and we had the ability to fill that need. We felt if we can offer a high quality product for a reasonable price and help families at such a difficult time

We are developing this website as a source for custom made metal crosses and other custom cut metal memorials. Whether we use your design or you choose one of ours we will do our best to be sure to get you a high quality custom made product that will be a respectful reminder of your love one








Here is a picture of Kayla's cross on the plasma machine


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